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Veka PVC Doors

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RGC Residential Doors RGC Residential Doors

Single Residential Doors

There are a wide range of styles and colours available
Ramsgate Glass Centre’s weatherproof and secure single doors are available in low threshold options for convenience and/or disability access. Our PVC-U single doors they can be made to open inwards or outwards. Single doors are available in a wide range of combinations and foil colours. Fully glazed single doors are a popular home improvement option for those wanting to gain easier access to a garden, conservatory, patio or balcony. Modern, stylish and attractive, single doors are virtually maintenance free and come with a range of advanced security features. Single doors are available with alternative beads in sloped or sculptured designs, and doors can be internally beaded.

M70 Bevelled System

RGC French Doors

Traditional French Double Doors

Give a more classical appearance than sliding patio doors, they also open fully out to the width of space available. Weatherproof and secure French doors are also available in low threshold options for convenience and/or disability access. As with most French doors, they can be made to open inwards or outwards where space permits. Veka French doors are available in a wide range of combinations and foil colours. Double patio doors are also available with the option of inward or outward opening, and can be designed as a single or double door, along with sidelight and fanlight combinations. French doors are fitted with all the latest security features, including hook locks by Maco. Furniture by Fab n Fix is co-ordinated for a match between handles, letterbox and any adjoining casement handles. Energy efficient glazing and technically advanced weather seals mean that our French double doors will minimise heat loss and keep the worst of the weather at bay.

RGC Comopsite Door RGC Solitare Comopsite Door RGC Crown7 Comopsite Door RGC Radiant4 Comopsite Door RGC Comopsite Door

Composite Front Door

We are pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive and highly regarded composite door ranges available today, with a whole array of styles and glazing options to customers a residential composite door to suit every home. We offer a wide range of furniture options and colours, including stainless steel and the Maco high security door lock. The Maco lock offers lever / lever or lever pad operation, which can also be used with a split spindle lever / lever to give the same operation as a lever pad but has greater leverage. The optional secondary deadlock also allows the reassurance of security by the simple action of a thumb turn throw a deadlock and for the ultimate in security there is also the automatic locking door that only needs to be closed for the security hooks and dead bolt to throw. Try our Composite Door system and receive a free quotation
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The Modern Stable Door

Just like the traditional farmhouse door, the upper and lower section can be opened independently, giving ventilation and view but providing a barrier to keep children or pets in, and casual intruders out.The furniture and mechanisms for the stable door are the same as for the single door. Its opening top and bottom sashes are operated by a lever handle on the top sash and a colour co-ordinated key locking barrel on the lower sash. Using a standard door hook lock, the sashes incorporate shoot bolt extensions for independent locking and to ensure a secure seal when closed.

RGC Patio Doors with Sidelights

Patio Doors

Patio Doors usually feature a fixed pane and a large sliding panel which opens to leave half of the total area open. However, there are other styles that are possible such as 4-pane designs where the outer 2 panes are fixed and the centre 2 panes slide back to cover them, leaving a large open space in the centre. Also known as an In-line Sliding Patio Doors.
In-line Sliding Patio Doors allow maximum light into your home and bring a sense of space. Our Patio Doors are available in a wide choice of colours and woodgrains and are available with a mid-rail to allow for a letter plate - popular for use in porch applications.

RGC Patio Door Styles