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Secondary Glazing - Quiet - Warmth - Style

Ramsgate Glass Centre Secondary

Secondary glazing well fitted can offer the most effective noise insulation with out disturbing the origanl windows, Ideal for conservation areas
65% of our products eliminate draughts, and can reduce heat loss

From noisy roads to noisy kids, our internal secondary windows can reduce noise levels by up to 80% (50dB)

Sytles available are

Horizontal Sliding - Vertical Sliding - Inset Panel (Traditional Only) - Lift Out - Hinged Casement (Traditional Only)

Traditional secondary glazing

has a slim aluminium profile with a wooden sub frame.A Popular choice with homeowners.

Heritage Secondary glazing

utilises a slightly thicker, heavy-duty aluminium profile suitable for large-scale commerial installation, as well as smaller applications.

FENSA Installers provide and an added layer of protection which, if applicable, will ensure complete compliance with the Building Regulations

If you house or building is in a conservation area and your unable to change the windows, Secondary is you option

Ramsgate Glass Centre Secondary

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